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Members: George Triantafyllakis

Genre: Deep House, Nu Disco, Indie Dance, Electronica.

Home Town: Athens


Jojo Rose aka George Triantafyllakis was born in Athens-Greece in 1985, growing up with love & passion for music. He started playing classic piano when he was 10 years old.

His dream was to start recording some melodies which he had on his mind.  From 2009 till today he has many official releases in labels such as Mahayana Records, Us & Them Records, Tobus Limited, Tiefblau Records.

His love for music went him to another dimension: Music production. Southshore Digital, Straight Music, Catblack. Records etc. His dream is to spread his love for House Music & Deep house Music all over the world.

He has co-operates with some of the biggest producers in the world such as Mark Lower, Trockenshaft, Earstrip & Torha, Liva K etc.  

When the dreams comes true you must have faith .. 

"Faith To Dreams".

Track? !D. Blogspot_ Would Like to thank Jojo Rose for PRoviding Us all Useful Material Beyond that Feature.
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