8bit Records Part 1 of 10 years brings Alexander Aurel, Paul C & Paolo Martini ,The Scumfrog ,Mendo, Danny Serrano! Just quality music.


Founded by Nick Curly & Gorge in 2005 as a home to their own style of music, 8bit Records went on to become a platform for young artists and a pillar of the Electronic Music Scene. The labels philosophy is as simple as it is demanding: Focus on strong original tracks made for the club without representing remixers.

This philosophy of endurement is also visible in the labels choice still to press most releases on vinyl. Part 1 of 10yrs 8bit V.A. brings together a great mix of artists with styles varying from Tech House to Techno, all original all club proof - just quality music.

 Available Now: http://bit.ly/8bit098

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