DJ Dozia -Is Remixed by Joris Voorn, KiNK, Phil Weeks and Ambivalent on Ovum .Amazing Ep!

Its a bold and brave producer who takes on the task of remixing a stone-cold classic cut from the annuals of House history, but thats just what Joris Voorn, KiNK, Phil Weeks and Ambivalent have done with their fresh versions of DJ Dozia’s Ovum debut ’Pop Culture’.

Originally released back in 1998 ‘Pop Culture’ rapidly gained cult status on the underground. Created by fellow Philly resident Dozia Blakey, the raw and sparse original, at over ten minutes, was made for the dark, strobe-lit, sweat-on-walls rooms where it found favour. Backed by the equally popular Size-9 remix, ‘Pop Culture’ was, and still is, a record that never leaves the box for many. Now, with a fresh set of remixes, its set for a glorious return. The original twelve inch is still one of the most sought after twelve inches on discogs.

So what did persuade our set of remixers to take on this challenge? Well, lets ask them…
Joris Voorn - It was a defining moment finding Dj Dozia’s Pop Culture in my local record store in 1998. The simplicity of the record was evident, but the few elements in combination with the classic Peech Boys acapella sounded like more than the sum of it’s parts. It was the blueprint of forward thinking house music, a sound that would inspire me to make tracks like ‘Sweep The Floor’ 10 years later.

I remember asking Josh in 2007 if I could remix Pop Culture, but the remix offer came in much later. It turned out be an almost impossible task remixing a track so simple and powerful, it simply couldnt be improved. So I tried stepping away from the original sound and create something that is more like a nod to the original.
Phil Weeks - "This is without a doubt one of my favourite all-time ‘classic’ records. Since day one. So I was very happy to be asked to come on board with a remix. That’s also the reason why I stayed pretty close to the OG version.”

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