LiveTransmission: 5th Day Presents: Pisetzky & Qash_ *Live*Set of the Day 22/09/2015_

Tired of spending your Friday evenings being peddled over priced drinks in some soul-sapping bar? Then you’ve come to the right place as we’ve got just what you need to kick off your weekend in style with the latest edition of our new Live Transmission series and we have to say this week’s collaboration with London based party starters 5th Day is an absolute belter as Life and Death producer Pisetzky takes the helm.

With background as Sound Designer for the Fashion industry, he started the Pisetzky project at the end of 2014 before taking his “musical research” on the road, touching down in and showcasing his talents at some of the worlds biggest festivals and coolest clubs. Possessing an innate ability to shake souls and bodies with his dogged rhythms and innovative baselines, to say we’re excited to welcome him into the DT fold is a bit of an understatement.

Supporting Pisetzky will be none other than London’s Qash, who after smashing her spotlight mix for us, returns to DT to work her magic on our live stream. Qash doesn’t believe in rules when it comes to her sets, and it’s a good thing too! Her free blend of house and techno caught the ears of London promoters We Concur, landing Qash a residency with them and thus DJ spots alongside the likes of The Drifter and Matthias Meyer. Walking the misty path between sultry house, driving techno and galactic funk, we find it hard to categorise her sets as anything other than cool. In fact, she’s took us through so many head spaces, we’re not quite sure where we are now, all we know is that wherever she is it’s damn groovy.
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