Mirko Barile, 21 years old and a special attitude for the music business_ Opus Booking Agency and More_ Track? !D. Interview_

Opus Agency is a new Italian booking agency. 

  • Artists rappresents: Agreement (IT), Fedele (IT), G.U.A (IT), Leland did it (IT), Loar (IT), Mordecai (FRA), Raback (IT).

  • More info: bookingopus@gmail.com
  • bookingopus@gmail.com

Interview By_ Mirko Barile

1) How did you initially become introduced to Underground music?

"In 2009 I was approached for the first time in this world, I was very young but the club culture always had fascinated me. I started organizing parties, and then at a certain time I discovered I would prefer a completely different work dimensions . I have been responsible of the marketing communication of some local music projects, together to a normal activity of promoter."

2) How your Opus Agency was born?

"I felt the need to make a change to my work, I realized that I have always had a sixth sense for musical talent.  My biggest aim is to help artists who are building their own artistic project, to grow in this world".

3) Your Plans For 2015 and 2016?

"Continue my projects with Opus. I am a very strict person and I always complete the commitment that I have planned. I have in mind a couple of really good ideas, i will in short time reveal anything! Stay tuned ." 

 4) When you're not busy with music, then..? (main hobbies, interestings).

"I like sports, actually i follow it more that practicing.  I also think that the best way to invest spare time is with family and friends."

5) Your thoughts on the current music scene?

“Nowdays things have changed, there is a keen competition. We have some historical realities that promote good music, at the same time.new labels pushing fresh sounds and trends. These two realities are coexisting and crashing one with another. The number of DJs/producers is increasing considerably, this creates major obstacles for the people trying to get space. I am always of the opinion that: the real recognizes real!"

6) Favourite artist/artists? 

“Really hard to answer that, as a researcher of talents i have been listening so much stuff, so I can't say that I have a favourite artist in particular. I'm very fascinated by the English scene (In addition to German sound, seems obvious to quote it). I estimate the work of Young Turks and all artists represented by this group." 

7) Possibilities of visiting Greece?

"Oh, I love Greece. I'd like to bring some of my artists around. Wonderful places, welcoming people. Really wonderful."

Follow Opus Agency: www.facebook.com/opusbooking.

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