Benjamin Buttons Live In The Mix 3 Hour Special! - FREE DOWNLOAD_ Set Of the Day 13/10/2015_

Benjamin Buttons 
 21 year old DJ/Producer from London.

He has grown up surrounded by house music & his parents were raving before he was even born! His Fascination with House Music has lead to him achieving many things. He has played at a variety of big clubs in London, and He has even held a 2 year residency at one of London's most exciting parties. His passion and dedication to the music is reflected by his ongoing desire to provide listeners with fresh unheard of material, and how he takes people on a spiritual journey through his exhilirating live sets. To Benjamin it is not just about playing music, its about feeling the music, and understanding how a continuous mix of tracks can maintain an energy which is unexplainable in some cases.

His aim is to inject soul into an audience through his clever track selection and devastating basselines.

He has recently finished a music production course at a college in London and is ready to take the next step towards his dream. With unreleased material receiving huge support from some of his favourite artists already. Things can only get better!
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