One more Dixon's & Ame's Magic Weapon forged by Clavis is coming on Freerange Records!Watch Ame casting some Spells!

We’re happy to introduce to you a brand new project from two exceptionally talented German producers going by the name of Clavis. Manuel Tur, well known for his releases on Freerange, Mild Pitch and more recently Running Back has joined forces with Adrian aka Urban Absolutes of Paskal & Urban Absolutes fame and their debut release the Banza EP is the result of this fruitful collaboration.

The title track brings some serious heat with both producers’ influences shining through and the end result being a dynamic and unique slice of percussion fueled, atmospheric deep, electronic house.

Release Date: 2nd November (Vinyl) 6th November (Digital) 2015

Mirzoza’s Dream once again creates an expansive, widescreen mood with a simple piano riff providing the rhythmic drive punctuated by a cross-rhythmic bass note. Precision production and minimal approach to the arrangement will ensure this one sounds perfect on a big system.

Kuniyuki has been making amazing music for the last 15 years on labels such as Mule and Sound Of Speed and we’re happy to finally have him remix here on Freerange and with a seemingly perfect project for him to add his special touch.

His remix of Mirzoza’s Dream sees him stretch it out to an 8 minute 30 seconds of deep and twisted rolling analogue tricknology. Keeping the subtle mood of the piano riff in place, Kuniyuki expertly cranks up the energy by fattening the drums and building on the crazy synths, chartering his own course through a meteor shower on this intergalactic space journey!
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