Wyatt Ocean - See the Difference Located Recordings_ [OUT SOON! 31.10.2015]

Hey there, I want to tell you about a really good DJ.

Wyatt Ocean (born 20 November 1991 in the Austria, Schwaz, real name Philip Florian Kalchbrenner and he is a house and electro DJ. In 2011 he worked in a Club called “Scala Club” and there he hung up the jackets from the people. One day the DJ from the Club wasn’t able to come so Phillip helped out and was the DJ for one night with just a foreign Computer and a mouse pad, but he liked it very much anyway. His boss said that he has a talent for it and he hired him for the new DJ. Philipp taught his-self everything he needed in just one year. His boss recommended him to other clubs in Tyrol and so he has started to become known. Ever since, Philipp has been a highly demanded act in popular and trendy clubs in Austria, international in Italy and Suisse.

A few months ago he started to bring his own style into the music.

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