*Magic Weapon* dropped by Tale of Us! Max:miliaN - Nid de Rêve_ First Touch of the Day 25/11/2015_

TechSign Records is a Brussels based musical label created and managed by Bertrand Gevart and Maximilien Collignon aka Karl Guring and Max:miliaN

After trying a unicorn husbandry that never works we decided to run a musical label. 
We met at college and we start producing together two years ago. Jaded by the party world that works too much with relationships it was a way for us to sell and promote our own work. 

After months of thinking, working on tracks, searching of a logo designer and a mastering studio we finally created TechSign Records on september 2012
The musical mind of TechSign may be called: House to Techno. Our productions style goes by Deep/Tech House to Techno/Minimal with all the other kinds of music that includes.
All our tracks are available on Itunes, Juno, Deezer, Spotify and many more. 


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