Modular Project - Leaf EP (Incl. Benjamin Fröhlich and Konvex & The Shadow RMXs) [Icludes ARTist Feature]

Artist: Modular Project

Title: Leaf EP (Incl. Benjamin Fröhlich and Konvex & The Shadow 
Label: OFF Recordings
Release number: OFF121
Labelcode: LC-37385
Format: Digital / Vinyl
Releasedate: 02.11.2015 (Digital) / 2016 (Vinyl)


1. Modular Project – Leaf
2. Modular Project – Into The Woods
3. Modular Project – Ancient Tree
4. Modular Project – Leaf (Benjamin Fröhlich Remix)
5. Modular Project – Leaf (Konvex & The Shadow Remix)

Italian melody makers Modular Project reveal their debut EP, a nature-dubbed and organic five track effort merging tech house and electronica.
The endeavor kicks off with the nostalgy laden yet upbeat “Leaf”, whose steady bassline gives leeway to a dreamy developing, synth lined harmony. Aptly entitled “Into The Woods”, the second track goes into deep territory via distorted synths, a wave-reminiscent element that remains its central focus til the very last sequence. The woodlandish journey fully unfolds at the third track, a contrastingly darker cut, filled with modular piano bits completed by arpeggiated synths. The title track gets a dubby makeover from Permanent Vacation’s Benjamin Fröhlich who plays upon the nostalgic synth line, turning it into a peak time drama by adding squirmish crowd vocals. Konvex and The Shadow take on a less dramatic, but equally serious approach, stripping off some synths but adding oscillating bleeps and lower pitched drums for extra gravitas.

More About Konvex & The Shadow HERE

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