Anja Schneider - Soul Traveler EP_

Anja Schneider - Soul Traveler
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“For this EP I really wanted to dig a lot deeper and produce tracks that reflected all my years collecting records; about two decades worth of music. This is different to ‘Dubmission’ and ‘Circle Culture – more mature. I hope you like it” – Anja Schneider
With another stellar year under her belt, Anja Schneider is hitting 2016 in inspired form. A new year means a fresh sound for the Berliner, who is diving deep into her record collection to draw inspiration from a variable palette of sounds from across the years.
The accomplished three tracker kicks off with ‘Soul Traveler’, a rich jazzy vocal-led techno cut that shakes with Schneider’s unmistakable groove. Deeply nuanced and analogue-driven, ‘Vintage’ mixes up low humming bass, multi-layered drums and melodic chords for a beautiful deep techno offering. ‘Bay Side’ drips with atmosphere and is the artist’s brilliant twist on tech funk, driven by punchy keys, intricate drums and cascading synth hook that builds the tempo towards a satisfying dancefloor-ready crescendo.
Anja Schneider’s ‘Soul Traveller’ EP is her first collaboration with producer and engineer Jan-Eric from Autotune.

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