Fancy Inc are coming on Clarisse Records with a Bristling with energy Ep!

In the midst of ‘a journey into the electronic music universe’, Fancy Inc declare their own version of New Year’s resolution, the Brazilians kick-starting Clarisse’s 2016 campaign to follow a blockbuster 12 months for all concerned.

The green and gold pair of Dub Fragments and Matheus R made 2015 a stellar year with an appearance at the Amsterdam Dance Event, in addition to making continental advantage count in Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires, holding it down in the Dominican Republic, and having rustled up rapports on labels such as King Street Sounds, La Musique Fantastique and Go Deeva.

South American steel comes with a hunger to leave dancefloors heaving, done with a particular old skool aesthetic where marching basslines leave feet blistered, and tech-plated beats are set to chug with the grip of a bear hug. Just off confrontational with its funkiness fully flexed, ‘That Records’ is the one Fancy Inc want on everyone’s lips and decks. Bristling with energy, bumping a churning bottom end (if any older heads remember Coldcut’s ‘Work Me Trak’, you’re in the right era), and razor sharp with its climactic builds, patrolling chords and explosive breakdown, the vibe demands a hard sweat that leaks into ‘Down to This’.

Tooled with a second pressuring of bass in no mood to politely wait its turn, and a vocal sample that does loving sentiment the hard way, Fancy Inc’s go-hard-or-go-home route fills ‘Down to This’ with drum rolls and a fistful of chords on uncompromising back up. Both tracks guarantee you’ll never get the idea of ‘fancy’ twisted again.

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