Alexandros Djkevingr & Greg Ignatovich - Cornerstone (Original Mix)_ Ον ELROW MUSIC_ Release 16/03/2016_ Up the Greeks_ Includes ARTists Features_


Greg Ignatovich is making his mark on underground  electronic music by creating a body of innovative work.Well known for his unique ability to leave a long-lasting impression upon his audience well after the night is over. With almost 14 years of DJ experience, Ignatovich has gained his popularity by performing at the most prestigious concert venues in Greek underground club culture.Propelled by his passion Greg Ignatovich is never afraid to take a risk to reach new ground. A true heart dj dedicated to making the people dance.

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Greg Ignatovich

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Alexandros Djkevingr was born @ Helsingborg of Sweden. Since his parents were both Greek he moved back to Hellas. There he developed a strange love about electronic music since he was very young. At the age of 10 he bought his first albums with main influences The PRODIGY, Chemical Brothers, Fatboy Slim, MOBY etc. Year after year he collected more n' more albums and at the age of 14 he boughthis first cdjs.
A few months later he played for the first time in front of a crowd @ many beach bars in the area of Platamon. Since that he has given gigs in some of the biggest clubs all around Greece and also gave several performances around Europe. Loves to do weird stuff while he spins and mix in several loops & effects @ once. He started experimenting & creating his own loops n' music during 2012 while he is into tech house & indie/gangsta house but he's never afraid to take a risk to reach new levels & grounds although he is not into that particular genre.

He thinks “music” is above names and that it helps you relax, 

dance, concentrate, motivate, love, hate, sleep..touch you 

emotionally in every way.

“Music is Therapy…its all bout how YOU'll decide to use it”

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