Epilog 's First Release of the year comes with genius in Sound Markus Fix's & Dorian Paic's Amicorum !

New baby, Epilog 006.
We will start this year with
2 close friends…
2 brothers in mind...
2 technically perfect and great sounding DJ's
2 nerds in music...
2 genius' in sound hemispheres...
2 institutions of House and Techno…
2 creative good hearts…..
And so on.....!

Markus Fix & Dorian Paic come with three beautiful outstanding tracks to release the 006.
Markus already released on Epilog in '14 and now he comes back with Dorian, which is a huge honor for our little guild !!

The first time we were listening to the tracks, we were blast away!
This is exactly what Epilog wants/searches/is.

Because their tracks are produced with love and smart, cleverly devised of experimenting and detail conscious…no tricks no gimmicks..

Markus Fix & Dorian Paic

Distributed worldwide by dbh

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