Shikki Mikki Records Welcomes Jeanbeat & DOTT With A massive 3-track EP called 'The Bass Hunter EP' !

Shikki Mikki Records:
This is what we call spanish quality! a style we absolutely love!
Mister Juan Muñoz from Sevilla (Spain) is a very talented producer - we heard an older track of him in a mix and just shazamed it while listening. Such a massive, clear and bumping groove he does - so we decided to contact him directly to ask for an EP release on our record label - so here we are now! :) 

A massive 3-track EP called 'The Bass Hunter EP' incl. a catchy techy remix from our asian buddy DOTT - Dogs On The Turns. Just tune in - you will 100% play one of these pieces in your sets.

More about the artists:


DOTT: | Bangkok (Thailand)

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