Feature_ Track? !D. Pres. Spanish Artists Lopezhouse (David Lopez and Carlos Cruz)

Spanish Artists Lopezhouse ( David Lopez and Carlos Cruz ) takes flight on Mude Tod, his Dirtybird debut. It’s a highly mixable techno track with dark melodic undertones perhaps referencing “Der Mude Tod” (The Weary Death.) But the emotive melodic build throughout is anything but weary. Its a huge track that has been getting incredible reactions all across Europe and North America when Claude has been dropping it toward the end of his sets.

A post punk attitude - inspired perhaps by the likes of LCD Soundsystem and Depeche Mode - is further refined and mixed with a heavy kick drum and the sublties of old school Detroit techno. Dirtybird is always stretching out and finding new sounds to champion and this is yet another surprising evolution from the trailblazing imprint.
Now the duo have signed with the relevant Tube and Berger ´s  label ( KITBALL ) and sood will see the projects together AFFKT!!


Worldwide Management: nonstopmusicagency@gmail.com (Nacho Gonzalez)


America Booking Sugel (Moar Magazine)

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