Darlyn Vlys & HearThuG - Agore (Feat Haptic) (Inc: Eric Volta Remix) ”1st July on Sincopat“

Our French amigo @darlynvlys returns to his home Sincopat with another special ep along Tunisian and very talented producer @HearThuG. After their ‘Atoms of Love’ included in the Vomvo album 02 mixed by AFFKT, the boys come back putting the level even higher than before.
Agore is a fantastic piece of music between the purest deep and electronica. The great original mix walks thru dark and rich places. Haptic voice is added with his particular and sweet sound. For the Cosmo edit delicate synths are added for a new and nice vision.
For the remix, the British but established in Berlin @ericvolta offers a film 14 minute trip taking items from different styles.

Hard to get a definition, but for sure a stunning and clever version of this Agore. The whole ep is absolutely a surprising journey thru the Electronic Music.

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