Tale of Us new ‘Afterlife’'s "Realm Of Consciousness’ is streaming in full at Youtube with 10 Gems by Monoloc,Recondite,Mind Against, Woo York & More.

Afterlife and Tale Of Us are proud to announce ‘Realm Of Consciousness’, a 10-piece compilation expanding the Afterlife totality into a label. The label and events will complement each other with oneaim; to bring the crowd into another dimension of music perception with enthralling production to thatignite the senses.

The ‘Realm Of Consciousness’ voyage commences with Tale Of Us’ Lies - a fitting introduction withquivering keys and restrained percussion that engenders an ominous suspense ahead of Monoloc’senigmatic industrial techno crunch, Phoenix. Shifting through the haunting chords of Recondite’s dynamic

Murphy’s Law, to the brooding synth of Poseidon by Ukrainian duo Woo York, the realisation of Afterlifeutopia is upon us. The repetitive, mesmerising synth and effective reverb that Somne creates with Triangleis an odyssey within itself. From there, John Hester’s expertly woven ‘Logan’ is a feverish techno stab thattransverses through the emotional senses, transitioning to Locked Groove’s adroitly crafted Emeralds, toRyan James Ford’s ambient, albeit percussive, techno cut Toree Bahrstad. 

Die Wiederkehr is the outcomeof Obscure Shape & SHDW’s collaboration, which incorporates facets of techno and trance that havebeen shaped with real guile and finesse. Mind Against round off the compilation with Gravity - amystifying ambience and a fitting title as we touch back down to planet earth.


1. Tale Of Us - Lies
2. Monoloc - Phoenix
3. Recondite - Murphy’s Law
4. Woo York - Poseidon
5. Somne - Triangle
6. Jon Hester - Logan
7. Locked Groove - Emeralds
8. Ryan James Ford - Toree Bahrstad
9. Obscure Shape & SHDW - Die Wiederkehr
10. Mind Against - Gravity 

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