Vaal joins Tale of Us 's Afterlife label in this second Release! Locked Groove and Baikal on Remix Duty !


The next instalment on Afterlife comes from Vaal with remixes by Locked Groove and Baikal. ’Wander To Hell’ is a three track EP, with three versions of the same track that each encapsulate the spirit of Afterlife in their own individual way.

Heralding from a rock n’roll and jazz background Vaal is unperturbed by the strict rules that define & guard electronic music. ‘Wander To Hell’ is stripped back and gentle, highlighting the emotive side of the label. The combination of alluring vocals and beautiful reverberating chords along with the ebb and flow of distortion makes it a composition that grips the listener from start to finish.

Belgian talent Locked Groove seeks the dancefloor with his remix. He brings back a little familiarity, the vocal remains, but is now present amongst an assortment of synths and percussion, pushing through to darker, heavier depths.
Baikal makes multi layered electronic music simultaneously for the heart, mind and feet. His version of ‘Wander To Hell’ is truly spellbinding, featuring a hypnotic groove that glides seamlessly through a continuum of time and space.

Released by:Afterlife Recordings     Release date:21 October 2016

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