RØDHÅD remixes Radio Slave's Vision coming on Rekids!Big!

RØDHÅD  Radio Slave (Official) Rekids (Official)
Following on from Radio Slave’s ‘Vision’ that landed earlier on in the year, Rekids assembles three colossal remixes from Rødhåd, Obscure Shape & SHDW and Johannes Heil.

Rødhåd’s remix leads the package with tantalising synths, filtered effects and stuttering percussion that together assist in generating an impending tension.

On the flip, Obscure Shape & SHDW immediately drop cavernous kicks before the original’s distinguishable pads brighten up an otherwise dark and sinister aesthetic. Tying up the package, Johannes Heil’s ethereal rendition echoes throughout providing a deep and mesmerising conclusion.

Realease date 14 Oktober

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