matHame comes on Tiefschwarz Souvenir Music with an Ep of magic sounds !

'Alkahest is an hypothetical universal solvent, having the power to dissolve every other substance, including gold. It was much sought after by alchemists for what they thought would be its invaluable medicinal qualities. Paracelsus' own recipe was based on caustic lime, alcohol, and carbonate of potash. He believed that alkahest was, in fact, the philosopher's stone. After researching alchemy and their ancestor's technique, Mathame now translate their findings into finding the perfect balance for the dance-floor.

Here Mathame provoke a reaction: delivering alcohol (Uawok Tong) and carbonate of potash (Opal Cithee), where lime is already in your body while dancing. Uawok Tong is a tune with deep pads, and a kick underneath complete with old, far-out melodies, tipping out of sync, that deliver you out of sobriety through chaotic harmonies.

In Opal Cithee, elements of both ambient and dance-floor tool meet together. The reaction is Alkhaest, where the melodies and story make something unique: groove and punchy bass solve everything.just like the alchemist's stone.
Label head Tiefschwarz gave a relecture of the title track to complete the reaction

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